Sex, Lies & Twitter … trapping Brooks Newmark

Brooks NewmarkToday, a UK tabloid newspaper is running with the story that the Conservative MP Brooks Newmark has been “caught” sending naughty pictures of himself to another. So what?

He won’t be the first, and most definitely won’t be the last.

None of us apart from his wife and him know what’s happening in their marriage which is a matter for them, and should stay that way.

I’m no Tory fan, but the Member of Parliament for Braintree (Essex) has as much of a right to a private life as does everybody else. I’ll have it if he was flashing himself in Parliament, but this isn’t the case here.

We can’t demand privacy, but take it from others.

This was a “male” reporter pretending to be a young “female”, with the sole intention of trapping Mr Newmark initially via Twitter. I say trapping, because what older man isn’t going to be taken aback by the interest of a young attractive female?

And, how can it be sexism when the reporter sent the first batch of so-called rude pictures?

You can’t have your cake, and eat it.

Also, whose female pictures has this male reporter been sending?

Equally, is this the news we really want to read?

I don’t read tabloids, but now you’ve got the BBC and other news outlets running with the “story”.

I’d like to see what perfect lives those who write these articles live, because they should be as they judge others and decide the line of morality for the rest of us.

I remember another ex-Sunday tabloid newspaper running stories of people’s private lives, whilst its own editors were having an affair – double standards, or what?

In Britain, we have a passion for watching others fall from grace. It’s so true, it’s scary.

I’m more interested in politicians who are corrupt, and don’t act in our best interests.

Before we send Brooks Newmark to the guillotine, let’s have a look in the mirror at ourselves first.

Bob Marley said it best, “Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I’m not perfect and I don’t live to be but before you start pointing fingers… make sure you hands are clean!

Take care, Max.