A Byron Hamburger … Well Done!

ByronA few months ago, I wrote a blog about my experience with my dear friend Sara at Byron Hamburgers.

Shortly after the post, the Founder of the company Tom Byng made contact with me. It was obvious from the start, that he cares deeply about the restaurants and the brand. So much so, that he went out of his way not only to compensate us for our meal – but, to show us that this wasn’t the way Byron did its business.

I’ve been so busy the past few months working on other stuff, that I’ve not had chance to give an update.

But, it’s important that I do.

It’s so easy for us to moan and/or complain about a product or service, but not so when a compliment or positive feedback is due. The main man at Byron took time out of his day to respond to me, so the least I can do is give him feedback after my re-visit in such a public way as my first post.

So, here goes.

My schedule and Sara’s kept clashing throughout the summer, so we didn’t get chance to go to Byron together as planned until late. In the meantime, my friend Ben invited me to the theatre and afterwards we decided to grab a hamburger before heading home. Obviously, Byron was the choice.

We visited the St Giles restaurant, and the service was okay. I say okay, because it was just that. The staff was polite, but one member was too keen which began to annoy Ben. I was more subtle.

I later visited this same restaurant on my own not long after when I had finished a meeting in town, just to see if the Byron experience wasn’t all that proper!?

I entered the restaurant and was “warmly” yet genuinely greeted, by Justine.

Justine showed me to my table (for one), and then went about ensuring I enjoyed my time at Byron.

As I waited for my drinks, I wrote a few emails so I didn’t look like a complete loser on my own. But the funny thing was, although I was on my own the personal service Justine gave me felt like I wasn’t. Weird, I know.

As I munched on my burger and fries, it came to me that Justine embodies “everything” that is great about Byron. She knew her stuff, was kind, personal and yet professional – like, an all-round good egg.

If Byron and Tom could clone Justine, they’d be on to a winner. Or simpler, watch and learn from her.

Over time, I’ve realised that when people pay for a service they want exactly that. I got it, and more.

I couldn’t write this update though, until I had finally been back to Byron with Sara. Which, we managed to do recently. Again, it was okay – but, I know Byron has something and Justine reminded me of that.

The guy at the Islington Upper Street, was trying to be too much of a comedian.

Good staff are hard to come by, and I know we don’t want robots serving us.

I noticed from my third and last visit with Sara before this blog, that getting the right balance in customer service is pretty tricky and I don’t belittle it. However, as a customer that’s often my last concern.

All I want and no doubt others, is the best service possible for our money or we take our business elsewhere.

I have no doubt that Tom and Managing Directors of other companies understand this, and why he took a personal interest. I say it often, but I’m a firm believer that leadership is top down not bottom up.

This review would have been just okay, but as you can guess it went to a well done because of Justine.

Would I recommend Byron to others, yes, of course I would.

Take care (whether you’re rare, medium or well done), Max.