#Dispatches hasn’t Scratched the Surface!?

#DispatchesI watched Channel 4’s #Dispatches programme earlier, and was not surprised at all that the police in Britain are incapable of dealing with racism and racist officers.

I say this from a unique point-of-view.

I served as a Detective in the Greater Manchester Police Criminal Investigation Department, then transferred as a Detective to the Metropolitan Police Service Counter Terrorism Command.

A black man, who served in Britain’s two biggest Forces.

Racism blights the service in the UK, and ruins the lives of those who suffer at the hands of it.

For five years since being diagnosed with a mental illness because of racism and homophobia in the police in the 21st Century I am still fighting for accountability myself, and I was “One Of Them”. Joe Public has no chance.

I have been through three court trials in the half of decade I have challenged discrimination in the service and even though the Met was responsible for over 40 discriminatory acts against me – no one has EVER been held accountable, or have I received an apology.

Arrogance, breeds arrogance.

When my memoir Broken is published documenting my decade of experience as a cop, it will be yet another insight – but this time, from the inside – of what is really going on in Modern Policing to do with race.

The Police Leadership are not only allowing the bad apples to rot the bag, but are condoning it.

That’s the truth of it.

Take Care, Max.