Happy 1st Birthday (Belated) Max’s Blog!

With one thing and another, I forgot to celebrate the 1st anniversary of My ‘View from the Bottom’ Blog. It was on 18 June 2010, that I wrote my first article about Islington Council CCTV Vehicles Getting Motorists! Last month, my blog turned 1.

I’ve come a little bit of a long way since last year, now writing about Social Justice, Equality, the Arts and Humour, amongst other things and have had articles published – although I still like showing the big organisations like Tesco, Orange, the Post Office and so on, that they are NOT beyond reproach.

The little person does matter, that’s why My View… is from The Bottom!

Anyway, I hope you have been enjoying my blogs (or not as the case may be) and will continue to read them, for fun, interest or just to see what I’m going on about now?

Happy 1st Birthday (Belated) Max’s ‘View from the Bottom’ Blog, from me, Max x (The Daddy!) Sounds dodgy…?

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

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