Hacking, Backing & Sacking…

The recent revelation that the News of the World newspaper hacked not only celebrities and politicians telephones (who also have a right to privacy), but that of murder victims in particular children is shocking.

When I heard of this news, although it disgusted me I did not expect any better of an organisation like News International who appears hell-bent on ruining peoples lives and causing misery to those who can’t always defend themselves, against such a machine backed by the establishment.

This should not be a time about jumping on the band-wagon against News International, but about the British people saying ‘enough is enough’. Yes, many people unlike myself buy the News of the World, its sister newspaper The Sun and others of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, but I do not believe for a moment that any person condones what we are now learning. There has to be a clear line between ‘public interest’ reporting and criminal behaviour through accessing private data.

I cannot imagine what the parents of those children who are no longer with us are going through, having established what may now have happened with regards to the newspaper’s hacking of their family, but hope that ‘real’ justice is done for them.

My Fight for Justice against The Sun (the weekday version of the News of the World) and the Metropolitan Police Service, who leaked my private details (sexuality, mental illness and other information) to this newspaper in an attempt to discredit me from seeking justice for the discrimination I endured at work, shows that these illegal practices between the two are still going on in 2011.

No individual or organisation should be beyond reproach or the law, and any public enquiry should get to the truth as to who knew what, and who authorised these shameful actions, including the relationship between the police and media.

Not only have the families of those affected lived through the ordeal of their child’s untimely death and the subsequent years without them, but now they potentially have to endure the pain of finding out that the investigation into their child’s murder may have been hindered by a newspaper.

It is ‘inconceivable’ to think that the captain of a ship whether in the driving seat or not, does not know what is going on, on his or her watch or who is on board! Leadership is top down, not bottom up.

Those who did the hacking, and those who did the backing at the very least should be prepared for the sacking.

Public confidence in the Police and Media has to be restored.

This has been a ‘View from the Bottom’ where it’s important to remember… if you play with fire, you’re likely to get burnt!

My best wishes to all those affected.

Max x

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