Faryal… What You Looking At?

What You Looking At?

It only seems like yesterday that I was at my friend Faryal’s fundraiser in Kings Cross, London for her short drama film, Pictures of Zain!

To be honest, I’d not really been into short films up until this point as I liked to get properly into a film and felt there wasn’t enough time with shorts, but Faryal proved me wrong.

For a while now, I know my friend has been working on another short drama What You Looking At? which has now been released.

Naturally with her being my friend, I was always going to watch What You Looking At?, but it actually surprised me…

What You Looking At? tells the story of two very different people in contemporary London, a drag queen and a woman in a burka – seriously, you couldn’t make it up!

Although these two people are from completely different worlds (although they live in the same tower block), after having found themselves trapped in a lift for some time together, they realise they have more in common than they first thought.

What You Looking At? really blew me away, because it is a simple story, but really draws you in. I found myself engaged and fascinated with both the lives of these individuals, and I learned a little something myself along the way…

I’m not one for nepotism, and we’ve seen the consequences of that with the recent Hacking Scandal in the UK, but credit should be given where credit is due – Faryal is a wonderful filmmaker, and she’s definitely someone to watch out for!

What You Looking At? has been entered into Film London’s ‘Best of Borough’ Film Awards along with many others, and I’m recommending that you take a look at Faryal’s short film along with the other entrants and VOTE.

Now, naturally for transparency (I used this word a lot) I’ve voted for… drum rollWhat You Looking At?

This isn’t because Faryal is my friend, but because What You Looking At? is actually a REALLY good short story, and deserves the recognition.

If I was reviewing What You Looking At? as I normally do with my Film Reviews, this would definitely be getting all the top stars.

However, because I know Faryal I’ll let ‘you’ review What You Looking At? and judge for yourself – although I’m sure of the result…

So, please find the time to look at Faryal’s short film and the others, and vote – helping to nurture new British film-making talent.

I’ve not come across many plots with a drag queen and a woman in a burka stuck in a lift together, so I eagerly await Faryal’s next story…

This has been a ‘View from the Bottom’ where I asked Faryal… What You Looking At?

Take care, and stay safe, Max x

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

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