I’m subscribed to… Canal Street, are you?

This morning, whilst in the mist of a drama which appears to be My Life, My Story at the moment, I received an email from a friend in Manchester on behalf of canal-st.co.uk

I was asked why I had ‘unsubscribed’ to the community website, especially given my background and experiences – to do with social justice and equality for the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community.

The email went further in that the cancellation of my subscription was ironic given that the canal-st.co.uk website and newsletter serves to draw attention to the diversity of the LGBT community – i.e. they are also about BME (Black or Minority Ethnic) people within the gay community.

The point of this blog, is that I agree with the email I received.

Since I have been writing about the issues affecting the LGBT and BME communities of which I know and understand, being gay and black I now receive a lot of emails from individuals and organisations, some I have signed-up to and some not.

In my keenness to rid one of my email in-boxes with mail, I unsubscribed to a few websites and I failed to see that unsubscribing to canal-st.co.uk could be seen as me not supporting the good work the website and newsletter strives to do and does do – which obviously I do support.

I sent my apologies to my friend and re-subscribed to the worthwhile cause. It then came to me… why I wasn’t promoting the website generally where I can? – hence this blog.

My friend not only had the ‘balls’ to send me the email, but in hindsight my cancelling it turned into something positive.

In the future, I won’t be so keen to ‘unsubscribe’ and press the ‘delete’ button on things, as one of those emails could be the confirmation that Alex and I have won the lottery, if only!

I am however, still trying to find the ‘unsubscribe’ button for the ‘penis enlargement‘ emails I keep on getting – obviously, someone clearly doesn’t know me! Ha(?)

Also, can any hate mail like the recent I got (HATE is so second-rate…!), please be rerouted somewhere else – thanks 🙂

So, for all those living in Manchester and the North West of England, please take a look at canal-st.co.uk if you can, which contains lots of great information for the LGBT community and others.

Canal Street is the place I met Alex 3-years ago on Sunday gone in a bar, the place where I ‘came out’ whilst at university in Manchester and the place I spent 10-years of my life, with my friends. It’s played a big part in my life.

I joked with my friend that no one is beyond reproach, and thanked him for his ‘direct’ email. So, now that I have swallowed the humble pie, I’m off to do the other 101 tasks I have left to do…

This has been a ‘View from the Bottom’ where I’ve learned something new today!

Take care and stay well, and watch those fingers, Max x

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

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