My Mum – Lost to Cancer

Today at 3.10pm, marks the 7th anniversary of the death of my beautiful mum, Annie Maxwell.

Time does fly, but there has never been a day I have not thought of her, and needed that occasional hug that comforts a child. Sadly, My Mum could not fight her battle, but I’m determined to fight the one I am going through for me and her.

I was brought up by My Mum, knowing the difference between right and wrong. My Mum taught my siblings and I, that when we feel we have been caused injustice, that we should stand up for ourselves. I remember her telling me, that she wouldn’t always be around to look after us.

My brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews are who we are today, because of My Mum and the love she gave us. She lived for her family, it meant the world to her.

As the years go by, it doesn’t get any easier and those who have been affected by cancer and other illnesses will know this. You just learn to cope, with what life has thrown at you.

I have never loved and admired someone so much, as I do My Mum. I was at her side for the last three months of life, and held her hand as she gave her last breath.

I often tell people this, but I am thankful and feel fortunate that I was given this opportunity to say good bye to My Mum properly, as I know others are not that fortunate.

I have learned from My Mum’s death that life is both short and precious, so we must enjoy every opportunity and strive to be good to others.

I will never forget My Mum, like I doubt the hundreds of people who attended her funeral will. This is how much she was respected and loved, she was and remains a special lady to many.

You will always be My Girl ‘Annie Johnson’, until we meet again.

Your baby, Kevin x

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!