Anthony France & The Sun!

Anthony France by Nigel Cairns

Yesterday, I wrote an article about The Met, The Sun & Me… in My Fight for Justice against the Metropolitan Police Service and racism, and that my mental illness and sexuality where leaked to The Sun newspaper and its publisher News International by Scotland Yard.

The Sun reporter Anthony France knew specific private and medical information about me, that only those with access at the highest levels inside the Met, would have known.

I wrote yesterday that Anthony France consistently writes in support of the Met Police, articles about those black and Asian Police Officers who raise discrimination within the force and challenge the Commissioner. He acknowledges the information he gets is from an ‘insider’.

I gave an example of an Asian female Met Officer, who became unwell with depression through racism and was forced to resign or face the sack. Anthony France not thinking she had been hurt and lost enough, wrote an article with a photograph detailing her private information and asked for more pictures so he could publish them too.

The information he published was very specific, about her health and well-being. Again, only someone in the Met with access to this officer’s HR and medical files, would have known the details Anthony France printed.

For some reason, Anthony France thinks he is a big man sitting at his News International desk causing harm and detriment to those vulnerable people, who can’t help themselves. Well Mr France, you’ve taken on the wrong fight with me.

Metropolitan Police

The reason why you won’t challenge me publicly, is because you will highlight the perverse relationship between News International and the Metropolitan Police Service at a time when it is already causing public unease with phone hackings. I wrote yesterday, when a man has nothing, he has nothing to lose. If anything, the lies you will print about me will only show The Sun and News International for what they really are.

You Anthony France, are nothing but an external media tool for the Metropolitan Police Service. So, I’m asking all those decent people out there… whether white, black, gay, straight, old, young, disabled and not disabled or in-between to contact you at The Sun and ask what wholesome, moral and perfect life you live? Also, what do you achieve by publishing personal and sensitive information about people, that cause them great harm?

There must be people out there who know Anthony France, he cannot live such a decent and hard-working life, that he has no skeletons in his own closet. I commented yesterday that The Sun and News International, do not control the voice of all those decent people in Britain, and the last couple of days have proved that.

The Sun

My white Mum who was born in Liverpool in 1936 and died 7-years tomorrow from ovarian cancer, had she been alive today would not read The Sun. My white partner would not waste his time reading your newspaper. My fellow Scousers, do not read your newspaper after the disgraceful coverage of the Hillsborough Disaster, and I know many black and Asian people, whom your newspaper has caused injustice and many gay people who think your newspaper is horrid.

I’m speaking up for those, who don’t have a voice.

Anthony France’s email at The Sun and News International is

No one is above the law.