Why Racism is Vile…

Earlier, I was checking my emails when I saw a headline that a Police Officer had been stabbed in South London. Naturally, this is an awful crime and no reasonable person condones violence against another, and I wish the officer well.

That said, the Press Association article about the incident was brief, only stating the following…

Trio held as police officer stabbed –

Three men have been arrested after a police officer was stabbed in south London, Scotland Yard has said.

The officer, whose injuries are not thought to be life threatening, was stabbed in Bute Road, Waddon, at about 9.45pm on Thursday.

The three men are being held in separate south London police stations, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said.

The male officer has been treated for stab wounds and is in a serious condition in a south London hospital, police said.

He was part of a “proactive plain clothes patrol” by officers based at Croydon borough.

“The officer was on patrol with colleagues and had stopped a group of males in Bute Road when the suspect, one of the males stopped, stabbed him,” a police spokesman said.

Now, nowhere can I see ‘anything’ about the three held, being black.

However, the numerous comments that followed the article by members of the public, happily conclude who the offenders are!

This is… Why Racism is Vile –

It shouldn’t matter who caused the officer’s injuries, whether white, black or in-between, it is justice that should prevail for him.

But, it is disturbing that comments like these (and there are many), show just how much racism actually exists in our society – both here in Britain and America.

It can be argued that these commentators are uneducated with their views, but the irony is that they do read the news clearly. So, they can’t be that uneducated!

I’m not sure of the population make up of this part of London, but I’m guessing considering minorities only account for 20% of all London’s communities (8% UK nationally), that non-black people live in the area.

Racism and ALL other forms of discrimination ruins lives.

This has been a sad, but true reflection ‘View from the Bottom’.

Max x.

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