A ‘Truly’ Special Relationship…

During President Obama’s visit to Britain this week, I heard the relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States, described as… a ‘truly’ special relationship!

I was thinking… erm, can you get better than a special relationship? Apparently, so.

Then it came to me… Barack and Michelle (two of my heroes by the way, as you may know), where only in Ireland (where I descend from too, of course) a couple of days earlier, and Mr Obama described that relationship (US and Ireland) as ‘special’!

My friend Barack (aka BOb) must have realised… that he had just upset his other ‘special’ friend (Britain), when talking about Ireland and no doubt was advised to put this relationship up a ‘notch’.

I’m not too fussed how special the UK/US relationship is, just as long as Mr O keeps on inspiring me (and others, especially those from minority ethnic backgrounds), for his audacity and tanacity in politics – I still ‘heart’ the Obamas.

That said, and to be fair, I understand where he was coming from… I too have a special relationship with biscuits, but a ‘truly’ special relationship with chocolate!

Thinking on… a three-way (America, Britain and Ireland) could have been easier, with everyone happy? I guess though, someone’s always left out…

Others too like Canada, Australia and New Zealand will feel side-lined, them possibly wanting group fun. Before you know it, all the relationships will be described as ‘complicated’, with no one getting what they want!

This has been a genuinely sincere, and ‘truly’ special ‘View from the Bottom’, by me Max x

‘Forever Friends’.

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

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