News Headline… Auntie has turned me French!

Bonjour! In my recent article for The Regent newspaper about… Half a Million Marching for the Alternative (against the Coalition Government’s cuts), I briefly mentioned Auntie Beeb’s biased views of late, which have stopped me watching her news.

For some strange reason, it’s been playing on my mind. Maybe I should get a life? Even before the publication of my latest article, some of my friends like me had become disappointed with Auntie, for not doing what she ‘was’ good at – reporting the news rather than making it!

I stated to one of my friends… with BBC News now similar to Sky News (which I also don’t watch), there wasn’t much choice left for me in Britain for unbiased news coverage of national and international events. However, I was wrong…

Apparently, France 24 has a English version channel that broadcasts to the UK and is ‘rather’ good, so I might give that a go! It’s madness though, when you have to look outside of your own country for a news channel, that deals with facts and not fiction.

In my recent article about the March for the Alternative, which took place in London on 26 March this year and was organised by the TUC (Trades Union Congress), I stated…

When I got home after watching the march in Central London with Alex, I switched on BBC News to check how the unrest at the end of it (although not connected to the TUC protest) had developed, and that it was disappointing to see Auntie focus mainly on the behaviour of this small group of people, rather than the half a million peaceful public sector workers who took to the streets of the capital.

I stated and still believe that the BBC should not air its opinions across its news channels, but rather report the news ‘factually’. I also commented that, I remembered watching Auntie’s rolling news coverage of the student protests last year against tuition fees, and a particular interview with a disabled protestor made for uncomfortable viewing on her news channel.

Apart from being a public corporation, Auntie should be unbiased and leave matters of guilt or innocence to the courts – regardless of what our own views might be!

This type of reporting, is not the sort of news I personally want to watch. The latter interview was uncomfortable, because the presenter came across as a bully. So, rather than moan about it, I’m going French! I wonder though, with me not watching Auntie’s news anymore, whether I can claim a rebate from the TV Licence? For for Thought!

This have been a slightly French ‘View from the Bottom’, by me Monsieur Max, au revoir x

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

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