Facebook is… YOUR Tweeting Space to be Linkedin!

I sent one of my friends a message on Facebook earlier, as I saw that some of his friends had given him some grief or ‘deleted’ him for his comments, on the social network.

I told my old friend not to care about what others think, as it was his life, his space. This got me thinking myself that… Facebook is not real!

I know I might be stating the obvious, but in the real world, we don’t go around ‘liking’ or ‘poking’ each other (well, in some places we do), and we definitely don’t delete people at the press of a button.

Like a lot of social media, Facebook however can be as cruel as the real world, and this is something to be mindful of. Although I’m running for UK Prime Minister 2015, and not a dictator (well, Alex thinks I am), I do believe that social networks should only be allowed at a certain age – they’re not suitable for children!

Old fashioned I’m not, but there isn’t much ‘socialising’ about speaking with others far away, and around the world on the web. Real social networking involves speaking to people face-to-face, something we used to be good at.

I think Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and the others can be great and have their benefits, but only because I am in control of them, not them of me. They allow me to keep up-to-date, with what my real friends are doing.

It too isn’t arrogant, to write about what you want and when you want to (within reason of course).

Facebook and others can be harmful, at an age (like childhood) when you can be influenced. They can be exciting, but also cruel and have the potential to destroy a child’s confidence, just because he or she hasn’t got 2,500 friends. I mean honestly… I like to think of myself as a man of the world(!), and I’ve got just under a quarter of friends of that figure – people I’ve actually met and know!

Like I told my friend earlier, he should continue to write on Facebook how he wants to, as he’s not asking anybody to read it or agree with him, it is just one of the ways he expresses himself. As long as he is not causing any detriment to others (and he’s not), then what’s the problem?

I’m a reasonable person, and like to look at arguments from both sides. None of us are perfect – I’m still trying to master walking on water!

As a result of social networking, I use emails less, and can’t remember the last time I printed photographs, which is all good. But like everything else in life, it’s what I make it – not what others make it for me.

It was only last week that I received my first hate mail via Facebook. In the ‘real’ world and to my face, there would have been consequences for that person. It’s easy to sit on a couch, miles away and offend over the net!

Some of the things I write about, I know make some people uncomfortable, not because they are bad, but because I write truthfully – from my experiences in life. As human beings, it’s hard to listen to the truth, as we all have protective mechanisms.

Fighting racism, homophobia and lots of other important causes like us not supporting those people with cancer properly are all true and real, although some would argue they are not. Facts however, speak for themselves.

I have many weird and wonderful friends, of all colours, races and persuasions. Some will like my articles and blogs, some will not. Not all would like to see me as PM! But, that’s life. Agreeing with my views, and liking me as a person are two different things.

I’ve said this before… I have friends who are Conservative by party definition. Being from Liverpool, some may say this is not a natural alliance for me. What is? I don’t like people because of their political beliefs (or I’d only have a few friends!), I like them because they’re good people.

Now Liberal Democrats are another issue – obviously, I’m joking! I couldn’t eat a whole one…ha!

If we were all the same, life would be boring. I used to be a private person, I still am really. I tell Alex I’m publicly private!

It’s pointless me pretending I’m not black, gay, Scouse and so on (not that I do), because I am. So I should be celebrating these differences – I mean Scouseism is an actual religion in Liverpool!

So, to end today’s sermon, as long as we’re respectful towards others whilst socially networking – write what you want. Freedom of Speech (within reason), is after all why good people have fort and died.

I say within reason for a second time, as no battle I know of was won to preserve the hatred of others. Free speech in the UK, is something we shouldn’t take for granted, in comparison with some other countries.

This has been an insightful ‘View from the Bottom’, via the power of social media! This is how I roll!

Ciao, Max x

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

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