As a mixed-race gay Catholic Scouser, I couldn’t be more proud of Liverpool

Liverpool, EnglandYesterday, a White Man March was due to take place in my hometown of Liverpool by the controversial National Action.

At first, I was sceptical about why my city was allowing this to take place especially given its diversity.

I’m all for freedom of speech, tolerance and the likes, but this wasn’t about any of these. This was about fascism coming to modern-day Liverpool, to try to divide the city with racist rhetoric. But, they had messed with the wrong people.

Liverpool was built by immigrants, and why it really is the world in one city. People from all walks of life call it home, ‘the pool of life’, and my make up as a mixed-race gay Catholic Scouser speaks for itself.

The neo-nazi circus coming to town was an affront to all those in Merseyside, and what they stand for.

History shows, that the United Kingdom’s colonial achievements around the world left a multicultural blueprint on the city. It went from life as a fishing town, to being at the forefront of the British Empire.

And like my heritage, immigrants from Africa; the West Indies, Ireland and China flooded Liverpool.

Outside of Africa, Liverpool had the world’s first black community. It has Britain’s oldest Chinese community, and you only have to walk around the city to see the influence of the Irish.

These are not things you can challenge in an afternoon, and think you can get away with it.

For those who came to this great city trying to stir hatred, it really was an own goal.

Yesterday, my Liverpool showed its true colours and chased the White Man March out-of-town.

Unfortunately though, those wanting to spout hate didn’t get very far. They ended up locked in left luggage at the city’s Lime Street train station surrounded by the police, for their own safe keeping.

How ironic, I thought.

Never pick a fight with a Scouser as there’s only ever going to be one winner, however long it takes.

We hate injustice, and all the isms that go with it. When we’re at our best, we’re unstoppable.

Passion and the sense of doing the right thing is in our blood, and it’s why it will always be home.

One day, I’ll return.

Take care, Max.