I’m THANKFUL for another year of life …

Birthday SaluteToday, marks yet another milestone in my life. Against all the odds, I’ve reached another birthday. I know many do not reach the age I have, so for this I am truly thankful.

The past six years have been bruising for me, personally and professionally. But, I’m slowly learning in my own way how to not dwell on the past and move forward. We cannot change what’s gone, only the future.

Like last year, I have chosen to be alone today to celebrate the day of my birth. As I’m getting older, I’ve found self-reflection has become a big part of my life and development.

For all of us, each day is a challenge just to survive in this hectic world of ours – but, it can also be one of joy. I’ve known what it is like to love, and still have hope that one day I will find this again and be at peace.

But in the meantime, I’ll carry on carrying on being me – because, who else can I really be?!

There’s many things I’m proud of that I’ve achieved in my life, and have plans to do a lot more.

As well as writing my first memoir, I’ve just completed my first screenplay for a feature film and have been working on the last drafts of my first stage play. So, many firsts for me even at this grand old age.

Also, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t acknowledge the love and affection my dearly beloved mother Annie Maxwell showed me until her death in 2004, and feel as if she is sat with me here today.

And like I do each year, I wish one of my dear old friends the best of wishes as he shares his birth day with me. Although I am no more, he is still fighting crime striving to make the world a better place.

My diversity makes me a complex character, but is also makes me see and understand issues that many others face and feel on an often daily basis and which are important to them and me.

I remember not so long ago, I would never use labels. But, as I grow older sort-of gracefully I’m happy being a mixed-race gay Catholic Scouser. Having experienced depression too, this has given me a unique insight into the dangers of this mental illness which is not very well understood.

When my mum gave birth to me in Liverpool all those years ago, I never had a choice to a great extent about what I would become as often our destiny is chosen for us. But for me now, my goal is put all that I have learned to some greater good and leave a legacy that I can be proud of and know I did my best.

Here’s hoping, I see you this time next year.

Take care, Max x.