Being a GREAT Uncle …

EzraBefore I was born, I was already an uncle to two.

My eldest sister had her first two children, before I came into this world. The year of my birth, one of my sisters gave birth to a nephew – My Mum and sister, being pregnant at the same time.

Over a decade ago, I became a GREAT uncle.

From here on, the kids have just kept popping out – as an uncle, and great-uncle.

How, you may ask?

Well, my dear late mother had eleven children and I was the last of the litter – and, unplanned (apparently). She had me at the age of 42, which meant many of my siblings had already begun their families. Their children have since had children, which is why I’m a great-uncle.

I have a bet (with myself), that I’ll be a “GREAT GREAT” Uncle before I’m 40 – which, would be madness.

Every time a child is born into my family, I pause for a moment, reflect and know My Mum would be PROUD.

We, are her legacy.

With that said, meet Ezra – one of my two great nephews born in the last fortnight, to two of my nieces.

Take care, Max.