#Warsi … the Lady’s NOT for turning!

Baroness WarsiI dislike all politicians equally, except for my Member of Parliament.

But when I heard today that Baroness Warsi the senior Foreign Office minister had resigned over the conflict in Gaza, a bit of political hope crept into my cold heart. She too, is a former Chair of the Conservative Party.

The current situation in Palestine has been a disaster, and a public relations nightmare for Israel.

Like many decent people around the world; black, white, young, old, Muslim and Christian the suffering inflicted on the men, women and children of Gaza who have nothing to do with “terror” has put Israel’s image in a whole new light.

So, when Britain’s Lady Warsi resigned today over the UK Coalition Government’s “morally indefensible” stance on the Israeli-Palestine conflict it gave me and no doubt many others encouragement. I have witnessed for the first time, even hardened anti-Tories praising the lady’s resignation and the reasons for it.

The reaction from the Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer shows just how out of touch he and his party is with the average man and woman on the street, George Osbourne writing “this is a disappointing and frankly unnecessary decision. The British Government is working with others in the world to bring peace to Gaza and we do now have a tentative ceasefire which we all hope will hold.”


Not only has the Conservative Party lost a woman in the Cabinet, but a Muslim one at that. Someone, who brought real diversity to the old boys club. Well, no more.

I’ve never been a big fan of Baroness Warsi, but in one single-scoop today she has just gained my respect.

I for one, am looking forward to the UK General Election next year.

Take care, Max.