IF only we could clone PC James Simpson …

The British Police Service simply would be World Class

PC Jim Simpson & OthersI learned today that Police Constable James (Jim) Simpson of the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) along with three other officers and a Community Support Officer have been awarded the top honour of a Jubilee Award at the UK House of Lords.

I remember my first encounter with Jim back at GMP over ten years ago, when he was being tutored in Manchester City Centre.

There was something fresh about him (literally), and you could just tell that he genuinely joined the police to serve the public – without, fear or favour.

Jim is one of those police officers whose integrity is non-negotiable, the best of policing.

That bedrock, which others could learn a lot from.

The kind of officer, you would want as your partner. You know, Starsky & Hutch.

I for one am not surprised that he has been given such a high honour by Parliament, whilst in the line of duty.

Although I had a bumpy ride during my 11 years service with the Greater Manchester Police and Metropolitan Police because of my race and sexuality I know it’s easy to be bitter, but, Jim often reminds me about all that is ‘still’ good about policing.

At times I’m critical of the police and clearly this isn’t because I’m anti-it as I served for over a decade, but because I too no doubt like Jim want it to be the best it can. A service, in which all members of the community have confidence in it.

I’m of the firm belief, that there is no room in the modern service for racist, homophobic and/or corrupt officers.

These type of people, undermine all the good work that the likes of Jim Simpson do.

I had a duty to challenge all threats to the constabulary, externally and internally.

So, today Jim along with the other officers should feel pretty PROUD for being outstanding ‘characters’ in public life.

He definitely deserves it.

If there were more officers like Jim, I know the British Police Service would truly be the world’s best.

I guess too, there’s a reason those like Jim don’t climb the greasy pole of policing. Maybe, that’s the best thing for us the public – knowing, people like him are on the ground looking after us as we sleep as oppose to sitting in an ivory tower.

My forthcoming memoir about my experiences of policing in the 21st Century as a gay and mixed race detective serving in Manchester and London has Jim in mind, like, I message to a former colleague explaining where it all went wrong for me in the job and why I did what I did in challenging the status quo.

I know many cops who do not agree with what I did, in challenging discrimination and corruption in the police.

But, I have no doubt that there will be a few who know what I did was the right thing.

Take care, Max.