Interception of my Communication

Met PoliceToday, I received a letter from my Member of Parliament Emily Thornberry the Shadow Attorney General, for the Opposition.

Attached, was a letter to her about me from James Brokenshire MP, the British Immigration and Security Minister.

This is because recently, it came to light that it seems in continually trying to find ways to discredit me and stop me in my tracks in fighting discrimination and corruption within the Metropolitan Police Service the Commissioner of Police has been unlawfully intercepting my communication.

Unlawfully, because you need a ‘real’ reason to do this. Not just because someone challenges you.

I was a Counter Terrorism Detective who served his country loyally, so ANY reason in my case baffles me?

But then it came to me, I have fought the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis for 5 years now without fear or favour and he must stick something on me to try to discredit my attempt at seeking justice.

But, he forgot a couple of things …

I’m not stupid, and have no skeletons in my closet.

Equally, the British Public are not stupid – with many questioning why this has been going on for so long, and at a cost to the public purse with the amount still unknown.

I challenged racism and homophobia against the Commissioner in one court, and succeeded in establishing it.

I then challenged corruption with the leaking of my private data to News International by the Met in the same court, succeeding in establishing this too.

I then successfully defended the Commissioner’s attempts at the appeal court, to have the above thrown out.

In a few days time, I challenge him once more in an employment court for dismissing me as a Detective simply as retaliation for raising awareness of discrimination and corruption within Scotland Yard in the present day.

Then, there is the High Court civil action in respect of breaching my privacy and libel.

Why am I challenging all of this with such vigour? Because, no one is above the law.

It really is that simple.

The Rotten Apples (not apple) in the Police need clamping down on with an iron fist and thrown out of the Force, as they undo all the good work of honest and decent Police Officers.

I was one. I know many others too.

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police is accountable to the public like every other servant in this land, and sometimes somebody has to remind those in powerful positions of this – regardless, of the personal consequences.

The last time I checked, I still lived in Great Britain which was a democracy. 

If I feel aggrieved like any citizen of these UK Isles, I have a right to redress. Whether that be through the Courts or Parliament, as I have strived to do.

People can call me many things for challenging the discrimination and corruption I have experienced in the Met, but I know I have fought a fair fight within the law – something which, people like me are told to do.

You know, have faith in the justice system.

Well, as a mixed-race gay Brit born and bred in this country I’m just hoping Mrs Justice truly delivers for me. So that, no other person experiences the might and brute of the Metropolitan Police as I have since 2009.

It really does beggar belief.

Today’s letter from the Security Minister was about whether the Metropolitan Police not only had cause to intercept my communication, but whether or not a Warrant was issued by the Home Secretary to do this.

I can honestly say the Police Commissioner has learned “nothing” from the dispute with me, as all he has been focused on is damaging my reputation so he can say … “look, it’s not our fault”.

Well, it doesn’t work like that.

Bullies only bully if they think they can, in the hope that people won’t fight back. I’m not a natural fighter by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m going to fight for what I believe in when my freedom and rights are threatened by those whom live a privileged life. This, he can be sure of.

Under the law, the Home Office is not allowed to comment on whether a Warrant to intercept my communications was granted. So now, redress will have to come in another Tribunal to do with Investigatory Powers and the “intrusiveness” of these powers.

Intrusive because, when you intercept one person’s private data you inadvertently intercept others too.

Why, Warrants have to be issued at the highest levels of public life.

The Police Commissioner will know I know this, as I was trained well as a Detective in Britain’s two biggest Forces.

If I said I was feeling pretty ashamed of the Metropolitan Police’s continuing acts, it would be an understatement.

Take care.