View from the Top … of the Met Police


Many have known me from my birth in Liverpool, through to my primary and secondary schooling, to my service with St John Ambulance and the Air Training Corps through to university in Manchester and my service with the Police.

I have given my blood and sweat to my country, because, it has meant the world to me. I know many of my friends have had to endure my roller-coaster of a ride these past 5 years (five years), fighting racism, homophobia and corruption within the Metropolitan Police.

I did it, because, it was the right thing to do. It remains the right thing to do.

I’ve lost friends, and a few other things. Being flippant, beats sadness.

Last night, I read hundreds of documents Scotland Yard has written about me. One particular one stands out, which, I think would shame most if not all who know me.

The Force’s attempts to discredit me, have been unprecedented. “Their” thinking only proves, that sometimes we have to show even the biggest of our institutions that they can and do sometimes get things wrong.

Linking me to something which, my dear mother would be turning in her grave at – only highlights, how desperate those at the ‘highest’ levels of the Met have become in stopping me in my tracks and especially from giving evidence this Monday.

I have nothing to fear, as I have nothing to lose. I have no doubt that, what has been written about me “behind closed doors” will cause many red faces beyond an ’employee’ dispute.

I know it’s probably not been easy for many following my journey with the depression and so forth, but I thank those of you who have. I think it is now only in the best interest that my experiences of late and these hateful comments about me of recent, are publicly exposed so that we can have an adult debate about what is right and wrong with the MPS.

I have always said I’m not anti-police or I wouldn’t have given 11-years, dedicated and loyal service. I lost my job because I’m anti-racism, anti-homophobia and anti-corruption.

I have loved Britain, but, not sure if it has loved me back because of who and what I am. I intend to give evidence, whatever the intimidation.

See you on the dark side <3