Totally Broken … Metropolitan Police

Metropolitan Police Total PolicingThe Leadership of the Metropolitan Police will have the public of London believe, that they “want” to learn about racism with the UK’s Biggest Force. I don’t normally swear, so I won’t.

Since 2009, I have fought the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis over racism within the ranks of Scotland Yard. The present Commissioner, for the past two years.

They’ve learned nothing, they’re learning nothing.

That’s why, change is needed. Not from within, but outside of the Force.

Only the public and politicians can make things better, for those who suffer because of their race and other.

I have only just been made aware of a letter from the MPS to me, about my forthcoming book Broken. Which, details the extent of racism within the Force. Not some fanciful tale, but the problems well-documented.

The Commissioner reminds me of “my” obligations under The Official Secrets Act, which continue following my “departure” from the MPS. I remind him of his obligations of the Race Relations Act and Equality Act, whilst I was a “serving” Detective.

I have disclosed nothing to date that is a “State Secret”, and he knows this.

What he is worried about, is my disclosing those documents which are now “public” property regardless, as a result of the public court hearings to date. These, cannot be undone now. Documents that, by law I am entitled to disclose showing the extent of racism and homophobia within the Metropolitan Police Service.

The letter says … “the Commissioner and MPA (now MOPAC) reserve the right to take legal action in respect of any publication, or to support legal action by any officer or member of staff adversely affected by publication.”

If Scotland Yard spent less time trying to silence those who raise real problems within the Force like racism, homophobia and crime statistics fiddling with spurious misconduct proceedings and more time tackling the racism and so forth in the ranks, it might be on the road to having the full confidence of all those it serves in London.

The Commissioner knows the contents of the memoir are public, the information having been tested in the courts.

I receive so many regular threats about this and other matters about my challenging discrimination within the Met, that, I tend to put them to one side now and concentrate on the real problems. Like for example, why there is no trust in Britain’s largest constabulary between it and the black community.

In less than two weeks, the Commissioner “defends” racism within the Force again in a third trial against me.

This says it all, about his commitment to root it out within the ranks.

It’s 2013, not 1913.

By consistently challenging those whom bring legitimate claims, he has already sent a clear message to those below him as to what is acceptable and what is not.

I don’t do bullying, and I most definitely don’t do intimidation.