An Honorary Feminist ~ GO Stella!

FeminismHearing of late the vile threats against Stella Creasy the British Labour Politician for London Walthamstow after her support of wanting women to feature more on Bank of England notes, got me thinking.

Putting the morons who hide behind a computer threatening the likes of Ms Creasy to one side, in my fight for justice to do with equality within the police, the women around me have been formidable.

Like my late mother, a force to be reckoned with.

After I became unwell, it was a woman nurse practitioner who first spotted my illness after her examination of me. It was then a female doctor who wouldn’t back down in helping me to get help, to deal with what I was experiencing within the Metropolitan Police.

I was sent to see a female counsellor, and later another – both, paying their part in saving my life.

My first Principal lawyer Arpita Dutt is a female, a partner with the law firm that represented me.

It was then after I felt strong enough to challenge Scotland Yard in the courts for racism and homophobia that, my local politicians took up my case and have been supportive of me ever since. And yes, both are women.

Labour MP Emily Thornberry and Labour Councillor Claudia Webbe have gone above and beyond in helping me challenge discrimination within the Met, and not because I’m in their party either.

I support no particular political party, and give them all a run for their money where I can.

Although, the Conservatives do get more of a bashing – yes.

They just happen to be against all I stand for, and that includes my sexuality. My gay friends and I are not naïve about why they have supported Equal Marriage, which is a good thing, but it’s all about the next election.

The gay vote, is an important one. Come to think of it, why isn’t the black one?

Going back to Stella Creasy … the fact she is causing a storm with her strong views on equality is a testament that she is doing the right thing and should continue in this way. The law should deal with those whom have broken it with threats, against her and indeed other women like journalist Caroline Criado-Perez she supports.

I’ve been fortunate that most of the people I have sought help from in my time of need, have been women.

Their empathy and understanding of what I have gone through, has allowed me to write this post.

I guess as a black gay man, I’ve never belonged to the all-macho male club like them – although, I’ve never wanted to be on the outside. Maybe, that’s why my relationships have worked with these women.

All I know, I will forever be indebted to each and every one of them.