Race, Racism & Racists at the Met… Still!

Scotland Yard RacismToday, the Independent Police Complaints Commission and I use the term ‘independent’ extremely loosely published a(nother) report stating that the Metropolitan Police Service fails to deal with race, racism and racists and that this was toxic. Shock, horror.

This has to be the most underrated statement of the year, and there’s been some.

Scotland Yard is incapable of dealing with race issues, and cannot police itself.

Complaints of racism are not just from members of the public, but from officers too. People like me, who had to use the courts to get some form of justice. The Force needs to wake up to this reality of hatred, which is taking place far too often towards people of colour.

Even many years on in my case, the Met has never acknowledged my complaints or apologised for the racism and hurt it caused me and I was one of its own.

The public have no chance.

A major “cultural change” is what the IPCC wants to see, but that would involved ripping out the cancer which is racism from this large patient. I’m no doctor, but say this is very unlikely and that the prognosis is not very good.

The report say’s the Met rejects racism, on the basis of its officers saying they are not. Nick Griffin say’s he’s not a lot of things, but is.

I’ve said this often, but gone are the day’s when officers blatantly call a black person a nigger. Although, there was a recently recorded case. Those officers whom are racist are now more sophisticated and know how to hide their hate in a covert way, but still being able to achieve the same result towards their target(s).

In 2013 I am often asked … is the Met Institutionally Racist? Yes, of course it is.

The next time you hear somebody say it isn’t, look to see if those words are coming out the mouth of a black and/or Asian person. It is these people, who live with the brown skin.

I really don’t want to side on this issue, as I am ‘politically’ mixed-race and was raised by a white mother whom I adore. But, it’s pointless trying to dress this up.

The Met is a racist organisation still, 20 years on from the death of Stephen Lawrence. Until we get to the bottom of the reasons why, things are never going to improve.

Ethnic minorities in London don’t need Deborah Glass and the IPCC to tell them what they already know, and experience. Britain is a predominantly white country with 80% of its people looking like my late mother.

However, London is different.

It’s the UK capital with many nationalities and cultures through lots of reasons like trade and so forth, and this is why around 40% of the population look like me. This is nobody’s fault, just a modern-day fact and reality.

We can’t change it, it’s too late. Therefore, we need to deal with it and best manage how we co-exist peacefully with each other.

Having a Force that is racist police a diverse community such as London, is more than “toxic” as the IPCC sees it.

It is a recipe for disaster, unless someone in charge outside of policing gets a grip.

Where is Mayor Boris Johnson’s leadership? Where even is his public statement on race?

Where is David Cameron’s leadership? His comments on race, he has made known here.

Maybe the Met needs reminding that, the definition of a racist incident still is ~  “any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person”.

Not something they can make up, as they go along.