George Osborne – Benefit Scrounger?

George Osborne - Benefit Scrounger?There’s much talk in the UK at the moment about State Benefits, which has seen Prime Minister David Cameron send a tweet to a ‘spoof’ Iain Duncan Smith (Work and Pensions Secretary) Twitter account.

I came across an ironic and iconic Blue Plague picture for the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne. My first thought was, he didn’t really say … “Frankly, a welfare cheat is no different from someone who comes up and robs you in the street”.

But, according to the BBC he did.

The plague makes the point too that, the Chancellor took £100,000 from the UK Tax Payer for a ‘second home’, some people not able to afford a first one.

And naturally, I was like – no.

However, I then read an article on The Guardian which states … ‘Between 2003 and 2009, he claimed up to £100,000 in expenses to cover mortgage interest payments on both the land and the property at Harrop Fold farm near Macclesfield’.

David Cameron Twitter

I was like, wow.

So I’m thinking, with the UK Conservative-led Government going after every ‘other’ scrounger … is George Osborne one, as the plague say’s?

I’ll leave that up to you, the Great British Public.

Food for thought though. Or, not.