Two Rights make a Wrong!

Metropolitan Police SSI was speaking with my fried Dan yesterday, when we discussed the leaking of information and the hacking of personal data which are in the spotlight at the moment.

I was saying to him that, even though two courts now and two different judges have ruled that the Metropolitan Police leaked my private data to The Sun newspaper whilst arresting others for the same thing – they (the Met) still refuse to admit this, even though the evidence is there.

He said to me it was like a criminal who had been convicted of an offence going to an appeal court who upholds the conviction, him/her still saying they aren’t a criminal when a court has said twice that they are.

I noted the other day that the Met are still saying they didn’t commit an unlawful act against me, telling the BBC it wasn’t them.

I’m somewhat confused.

When the MPS prosecutes people, it agrees with the courts. When it is challenged, it doesn’t.

Food for thought.

This has been a… you can’t make it up , ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take Care, Max x.

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