My BBC Radio 5 Live Interview…

BBC Radio 5 LiveIt’s only been an hour or so since my chat with Victoria Derbyshire on her BBC Radio 5 Live show, and I’m feeling a little strange.

I wasn’t nervous, but equally wasn’t looking forward to it – like, I wanted to be there. There was no script either.

I guess it’s just that, sometimes you have to make a stand. If we don’t, what hope is there?

I never set out on a journey to WIN ‘anything’, as there are clearly NO winners in this mess.

But, like I said to her… one incident of racism and/or homophobia, is one too many.

At what number do we say it is acceptable to discriminate against somebody because of their race and/or sexuality, regardless of how many complaints they raise?

If I had the power to do it, I would get those who are not black and/or gay to just spend a day in the shoes of somebody who is – and then, share your experiences.

I know of many black, Asian and gay people who are abused in all walks of life, which surely can never be acceptable. Especially, when it is something they cannot change – even, if they wanted to.

HATE really does ruin lives, and I don’t care if it’s 1 act, 2 acts, 3 acts or 4 – never mind 40!

We should be ridding society of all discrimination, so that we can live in peace side-by-side.

Do not do to others which, you wouldn’t want done to you.

This has been a… discrimination is discrimination, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take care, Max x.

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

Published by My Mum. Copyright © Kevin Maxwell Film, Media & Performance 2013.