Met learnt anything from Stephen Lawrence?

In 2009, I was diagnosed with depression with what doctors say was caused by racism and homophobia within the Metropolitan Police. In 2010 because I decided to stand-up to discrimination within Scotland Yard, the Met then leaked my private data to The Sun newspaper in an attempt to discredit and silence me.

In 2011 with the Commissioner denying that racism and homophobia exists within the Metropolitan Police and that he didn’t leak my private information to Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid, I had to endure a 6-week Employment Tribunal hearing for Independent Law Professionals to make a decision and rule upon it.

I was one Police Officer, against 30-plus others.

In 2012 the Employment Tribunal ruled that the Commissioner had discriminated against me, harassed and victimised me on the grounds of my race and sexual orientation and that Scotland Yard did in fact leak my private data to News International.

The Commissioner learning nothing, then appealed this ruling to a higher employment court.

Not only being ill, I’d had enough of a Force that was answerable and remains so to no one – they are the Untouchables.

I resigned twice, ending my career as a Police Detective having had an exemplary record from the beginning of my public service as a Detective with the Greater Manchester Police CID back in 2001. The Met then dismissed me, then it didn’t?

The Commissioner then decided to charge me twice with Discrediting the Police Service and Undermining Public Confidence, you really can’t make these things up. I’ve never sought to sensationalise my experiences and strive to speak with only my voice, through this blog were my words cannot be misinterpreted.

I’ve never said this publicly and hoped that it wouldn’t be the case, but I doubt very much that my experiences are isolated…

Having experienced all that I have and continue to do over the years for only raising discrimination within the Metropolitan Police Service – a public body – what has changed with regards to Institutional Racism/Discrimination?

Has the Met learnt anything from Stephen Lawrence?