Racist thugs in hammer attack…

Today, my good friends at The Lesbian & Gay Foundation whom I have a lot in common with in respect of our goals for true equality (sexuality, race, gender, mental health & marriage) contacted me to say that the media in Manchester wanted to speak to me with regards to Marriage inEquality.

The UK Coalition Government is going through a consultation period about Gay Marriage, with opposition from the Church.

My views were sought on the issue, as a consequence of some of the work I have done before in helping to achieve true equality with regards to marriage. I have written articles for The LGF and other organisations on the subject, and recently appeared on Channel Four’s 4thought.tv with regards to the same.

Anyway, I had a brief conversation with the reporter at the Manchester Evening News and basically said what I have in the past in that… there is a difference between equal love and equal marriage.

After the phone conversation finished, I started to think about the different social justice and equality issues I am passionate about which include equal treatment for cancer sufferers having been affected by this myself through family members.

I ‘assumed’ that my eyes were ‘opened’ as to how much inequality there actually is out there, when I experienced my discrimination with racism and homophobia at work.

But then, I remembered one of the articles the MEN wrote for me a while back when I was investigating a vicious racist attack on an Asian male whilst a Detective with the Greater Manchester Police CID.

What I realised was that, I have always been an ambassador for social justice and equality since a young age but just didn’t know it. I’ve learned the hard way that, not letting your voice be heard ‘actually’ gets you nowhere and definitely gets you no respect.

It might not be fair, but sometimes the only way to let those know whom are in the wrong that they are is to let your voice be heard even if not listened to. At least, you’ve done your bit.

In my previous role before I moved to London, I dealt with many different types of serious crime… rape, arson, kidnap, abduction, serious assaults, firearms offences, death and so forth and I guess that my aim although unconscious as such was to get some form of justice for the victims of these crimes as best I could using my skills and abilities as a detective.

I’ve been called many ‘not so nice words’ words in My Life, the majority of these as a consequence of my standing-up for myself and others. One of these being, ‘sensitive’.

I like helping people, it’s in my blood… it’s who I am.

If that classes me as sensitive by those who are not to others needs, then I know which one I’d rather be!

Many of us take a lot from society and others, but what do we actually give back?

I never joined the Police Service back in 2001 for a big fat salary (wrong job), I joined to genuinely try to help those who couldn’t always help themselves. I know it sounds cheesy and the worse interview line ever, but it was true.

Having served over a decade as a public servant, I still have that same energy and enthusiasm to help others but now in a different way. One in which, I can look back and say… “I did my bit”.

On a funny note, I remember when I was little (not just in size) I asked My Mum when I was older and a Policeman ‘if’ I could work for free, as just doing it would be enough… as long as they fed and put me up, of course. Oh, how I have grown-up 😮

This has been a… bit of an equality moment, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take care, Max x.

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

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