I support Gay Marriage… with 38 Degrees!

Tomorrow, the government’s consultation about gay marriage ends.

It’s been a huge opportunity to make sure that gay and lesbian people, ‘just like me’ are allowed to marry the person they love.

They shouldn’t have to do what Alex and I had to, and travel across the Atlantic to Canada to marry.

It’s of no surprise that, the Church and anti-gay groups do not want to allow this.

There’s a danger that the government will back down on allowing equal marriage, if they think there’s too much opposition and not enough support for it.

That’s why I believe just like 38 Degrees, that it’s important to ‘speak up’ in support of gay marriage.

Through 38 Degrees, those who believe in true equality for all can let our elected politicians know by way of a quick message that you think all people regardless of their sexuality should be given equal rights to marry.

If you can, please help to boost the numbers on the consultation and convince the government to stand strong on the issue.

It only takes two minutes to register your support, but remember…  the consultation ends tomorrow… Thursday 14 June. So please, send a message now via: www.38degrees.org.uk/gay-marriage.

If you are in support of equal marriage and you don’t take part in the consultation, the government might drop their plans saying there is not enough public support.

YOU can help to show them that huge numbers of people (straight and gay), do support gay marriage.

History tells us that when it comes to ending discrimination, people power has an important role to play. Slavery would never have been abolished, and women would never have got the vote, if thousands of people hadn’t spoken up for what was right.

Ending the ban on gay people getting married, would be a step towards a fairer society for all.

The government’s equal civil marriage consultation, can be read here.

This has been a… people, power, change, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take care, Max x.

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