Light Your Fire… Eurovision Song Contest!

There’s something in the UK air, about the Eurovision Song Contest being held tonight in Azerbaijan.

Despite the controversial Human Rights issues surrounding this year’s host nation, Britain seems determined in having one big party throughout 2012… with The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee soon upon us, followed by the London Olympics.

Tonight, seems no exception with me being aware of many Eurovision parties up and down the country!

This evening, I’m attending a fancy dress one myself as Andy Abraham – the UK’s 2008 hopeful. There wasn’t much choice for me really, it was either him or Imaani?

Whatever you’re doing tonight for Eurovision or not as the case may be, enjoy your evening.

This has been a… I hope it’s not nul points (in French, of course), ‘View from the Bottom’.

Au revoir, Max x.

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

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