Euro 2012… UEFA Football Racism

I have just finished watching the BBC Panorama documentary, about racism surrounding the forthcoming Euro 2012 games in Poland and the Ukraine.

Incidents of racism in the UK at football matches disgusts me, but Polish and Ukrainian hooligans take racism to a whole new level in such a public way.

I watched whilst black, Asian and Jewish people were racially abused and attacked, with the police and stewards looking on or the other way.

I guess there’s a reason I haven’t visited Eastern Europe, and it’ll probably stay that way as I’m unlikely to change colour anytime soon.

Sol Campbell (the former England Captain) gave some good advice to ethnic minorities thinking of travelling to Euro 2012, ‘stay home’.

At least this way, you’ll be safe to watch the games. Racism is an evil, and ‘does’ ruin lives.

If you can, please support

This has been a… Euro 2012 footballing disgrace, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take care, Max x.

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