You are what you eat?

A little over a month ago, I took part in about Gay Marriage Equality.

Anyway, a couple of my friends (they are really) who hadn’t seen me for a while mentioned I’d put a little weight on! How rude?

TV does put 10-pounds on you though, I’m told.

The fact is, I had and was mindful of it myself. Although, with my build I tend to hide it well – it being fairly distributed. I’m thinking, guys don’t normally talk about their weight?

After becoming unwell a while back, rather than take to drink, drugs or tobacco (which some cannot control, through no fault of their own) – I took to Miss Cadbury and Master McVitie, as my comfort blanket.

Sounds cheesy, but I guess it’s down to my upbringing – the former stuff, just didn’t come into my head!

At the time of doing 4 Thought I was 2-stone overweight (as in the picture), and had been for some time. I wouldn’t say I was happy with it, but was content. Losing weight, wasn’t the top of my list.

An older wise female friend of mine not so long ago told me, “do whatever you have to do” to get through the difficult period. Never a true word(s) spoken.

We all have our struggles, and every one of us has different coping mechanisms. I guess I’m fortunate that mine was one that I haven’t become dependent on, I mean I’ve only got so many teeth!

If you have read my blog… just over a month ago (ironically after the filming at Channel 4 for I started my new ‘Get Fit in 90 days‘ regime, my fight against the flab.

I’ve lost 1-stone already and managing to keep it off, which is all good.

I am however struggling to lose that extra stone, but I still have over a month left to do it.

So, today’s lesson from me is… do what you need to do, to cope with bad situations and remember that there ‘is’ light at the end of the tunnel – unless of course, you’re on a Eurostar train.

And, if you do cope with a sweet tooth like I did… remember, you are what you eat?

Today, I’ve been a Cadbury’s Crunchie 😮

This has been a… sweet, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Enjoy, Max x.

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

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