Uncle Billy ’98… ‘Definitely’ Alive & ‘Still’ Kicking!

Uncle Billy '98' Today!

With one thing or another (I say this a lot!), I haven’t been able to see Uncle Billy as much as I have wanted to of late or indeed write about him for some time…

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It was this time two Tuesday’s ago, that I was going to sit down and watch the 4thought.tv programme I was on… Should gay couples be allowed to marry in places of worship?

It wasn’t to look at myself but to see if what I was trying to get across, was achieved. It would have been the first time I saw it on Channel 4 too!

It was a couple of hours before it aired that, I received a telephone call from Uncle Billy’s hospital, asking if he could go in earlier ‘that evening’ rather than the scheduled ‘next day’ appointment we had. He was due for a MOT (check).

I didn’t have to think twice, so I got my coat on and headed across London to pick him up and take him to hospital. To say he wasn’t impressed with my ‘late’ arrival at his home and the change in the arrangements would be an understatement 😮

I managed to catch the ‘continuity announcer’ at the end of 4thought.tv on Channel 4 whilst Billy got ready, and then off we went.

Uncle B. came out several days later from hospital, and is back home with his brandy and cod-liver oil… which you may recall, is what keeps him going strong – apparently.

During one of my recent visits with Alex to Uncle Billy’s, I told him that I had a headache to which he replied “how can you have a headache, when you haven’t got a head?” Alex, found this most amusing.

He followed this on a further day when I told him I was getting old, to which he replied “you were only born yesterday!”. Uncle Billy I think, likes to keep me on my toes – but I know he has a soft-spot for me , he just won’t admit it (yet!) 😮

He’s ’99 in July of this year, and I was thinking of getting him a ’99’ ice-cream – not because I’m tight, but Billy likes no fuss. Last year for his 98th, we took him to Nandos – his choice.

With this year being HM Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee (60-years on the throne), it got me thinking that when she succeeded her father’s reign Uncle Billy was not far off 40-years of age – amazing to think what he has seen, and heard in his life.

This has been a… Uncle Billy, still going strong at ’98, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take care, Max x.

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

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