It’s Not Right, and It’s Not Okay

I’ve wanted to write this blog for a couple of days, and had resisted until it got the better of me.

I’ve been really disgusted by the ‘many’ comments on the web, and in particular on social network sites like Facebook with regards to the death of the singer Whitney Houston. More so because, the dead cannot defend themselves.

From what I know (as a fan of hers), Whitney was not born into money and everything she had achieved she got on pure talent and that alone. Something many others, aspire to – to do the thing you love, and get paid for it.

Whitney neither was a soldier and had gone to war, and I find it disrespectful to her and those who have paid the ultimate price to even compare the two (why people are upset over her).

I don’t want to get into the ‘wrongs and rights’ of wars (that’s for politicians), but what I do know is that Whitney brought a lot of joy and happiness to so many around the world with her music – which, in the world we live in now should be celebrated.

Let others show the love they had for Whitney, regardless whether they met her or not. A lot of people love HM The Queen, but have ‘never’ met her.

I was fortunate to have had a very happy, loving and secure childhood yet even I used to ‘dance’ around my bedroom listening to Whitney, Mariah and the likes (hmm.. I’ve just admitted that).

My point is, not only did Whitney help others through times of difficulty with her music she also brought ‘happiness’ to happy children like me who wanted to ‘dance with somebody’ just like her!

Whitney Houston, should be celebrated for what she was good at – singing and acting. I’ve read nothing where she has professed, to being perfect. None of us are, yet it is easy for us to judge sitting in our glass houses whilst throwing stones.

My Mum used to say to me… “if you’ve got nothing good to say, don’t say nothing at all”. I’m sticking with that, and remembering Whitney Houston as I wrote upon hearing of her death as… ‘One of the greatest’.

May she Rest in Peace x.

*This picture of Whitney was taken, a couple of days before her death.

This has been a… have some respect, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take care, Max x.

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

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