Who said romance is dead?

This morning, I had the pleasure (insert sarcasm here) of making Alex breakfast before work and I didn’t do a bad job of it actually – poached eggs on toast with ‘two’ cups of tea, we’d run-out of coffee fortunately!

Anyway, after he got to work he sent me a text and some flowers to thank me for my efforts – I know what you’re thinking… How lovely? How sweet? How romantic?

Well, to my surprise (you can insert some more sarcasm here) the flowers were ‘actually’ contained within the text – yes, he sent me virtual ones as attached.

Now, I’m not one for being ungrateful or looking a gift-horse in the mouth (what does this actually mean – answers on a postcard please?), but I was left speechless.

Apparently, these new kind of flowers I was sent are a lot cheaper than real ones (well, free actually), are all the rage (where?) and can last forever? I guess it’s the thought(lessness?) that counts, hmmm.

He’s so modern My Husband, ha.


This has been a… receipt of flowers, in the 21st Century, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take care, Max x.

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