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Misha B - The X Factor

I’m not one for The X Factor really, but last night I did see the clip on television of Gary Barlow commenting that Misha B has no chance of winning the show given what others have said about her in the past. I couldn’t agree more.

Now, those of you who know me or my work will know that I would never condone bullying and try to do my bit to eradicate it. However, what went on with Misha B and the two judges Tulisa and Louis Walsh was itself an act of bullying – which took place on live television. I didn’t even know who Tulisa was, before The X Factor!

I don’t know anything about Misha’s past and don’t confess to, but from what I know of her now due to The X Factor she appears to be trying to change her life around which can only be a good thing. I haven’t met many bullies (if is the case here), who have admitted that their past wasn’t the best and that they were now trying to change their future. That takes courage.

I’m not belittling what others may have went through, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that at the time she was a child and is still only a teenager. I know some children can be horrible, but they are after all ‘children’.

On the other hand, Louis Walsh is a grown man and Tulisa an adult who both should know better. It was obvious that, the two of them knew what they were doing when they said what they did about Misha on TV. I saw that clip myself, and it was uncomfortable to watch.

Misha B is a good singer, and I’m sure that she will continue to be after the ups-and-downs of The X Factor. I hope she does anyway, as we all deserve a second chance – don’t we?

That said, Gary Barlow is right, she isn’t going to win with what has happened. You only have to read what is written about her, by adults mind you – and much of it is disgusting especially considering she is still only a teenager.

I don’t do The X Factor voting thingy-ma-jig, but I might tonight and Misha B definitely gets my vote for being a tough cookie despite all that has been thrown at her.

Right, back to my cup of tea, biscuit and book…

This has a Let’s Be Having You, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take care, Max x

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