Anyone would think it’s Christmas!

As I go about my private business in London Town which isn’t much these days, I can’t help but note how many office Christmas parties are taking place.

I mean, I’ve just walked past Santa Claus holding hands with a Smurf and earlier saw an elf with a bear on a scooter – very 2011!

Even Alex, my partner-in-crime is suffering today the effects of his office Christmas party last night. Self-inflicted pain, I told him.

So, for all of you who will be out partying like it’s Christmas ’99 this month please spare a thought for those of us who will be at home with a good book, mug of hot chocolate and the remote control.

Hmmm… I’ve turned into My Mum!

Please keep your noise to an acceptable level and ‘enjoyment’ to a minimum, thanks 😮

This has been a… I need to get a life, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Merry Christmas, Max x

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

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