Happy ’75th’ Birthday Mum

Today, had My Mum been here, she would have turned 75 on this the 24 June 2011.

Sadly, she died in 2004 aged 67 from ovarian cancer, and I know I’m not alone in losing a mum at a young age – I was just 26-years old.

Despite this, I often tell friends that I am thankful for those years I did have and the best upbringing a child could have asked for, with so much love that I still feel it now.

Last week in the UK, my partner Alex wished his dad via the telephone a Happy Father’s Day, and then felt a bit sad for me, because I couldn’t do this too. Being Alex, he gave me a hug.

I’ve never been one for ‘poor me’, because you have to live with what life throws at you and I think I’ve done a fairly good job. I know, I am what I am (there’s a song here) because of My Mum and all she did for me, and continues to do. I strive to be a good person, because of her. It’s important to remember this.

My Mum joked just before taking her last breath that I’d forget about her – as if. I know there is not a day, my siblings and I do not think about our mum. She remains the best mum in the world – like all mums.

So, Annie Maxwell, you might not be here on earth with your family but your most definitely here in our hearts – ALWAYS.

The fact I’ve wrote this personal blog and remind the world of your existence, shows how much I love you and appreciate all that you have done for me. Maybe I’ll have half a lager on your behalf later? Although, as you know I prefer JD!

It’s weird remembering you where born in Liverpool in 1936, before the start of World War II and here’s me using the ‘internet’ in 2011 to write about you – how times have changed.

You may be gone, but you’re never forgotten – until we meet again x

This has been a ‘View from the Bottom’, where I’ve wanted to share with the world the love for My Mum!

Ciao, Max x

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

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