10,000 Couples and Me!

In August 2010, 10,000 Couples the online US magazine published my Special Comment: Black Pride & Prejudice. I’d only wrote one professional article prior to this for Pink News in the UK, so I felt pretty proud that this magazine had asked to published my article about racism within the gay community. I had gone global!

In March of this year, 10,000 Couples published another of my articles, this time one of my blogs… LGBT People Can’t Ask For Acceptance, then Not Give it Back. It was becoming clear, that I was starting another relationship (besides the one I’m in with Alex my husband), with 10,000 Couples.

The US online mag, was not just publishing my articles, but giving me a greater voice across the Atlantic and globally with my views on social justice and equality. For some reason, the mag had seen something in me which resonated with it and its own readers. This makes me feel humble.

10,000 Couples again published one of my articles, namely I Am the Face of Marriage Inequality in April, and had now scored a hat trick with the magazine. Not thinking they had done enough for me, the US based mag further published one of my blogs this month about… HATE is so second-rate!

This my fourth article with the publisher, led it to asking me to becoming one of it’s Contributors from London in its ‘Having Our Gay Say’ section. It didn’t take me long to make a decision…

10,000 Couples has supported me with my writing since I began last year after becoming ill. It is important to remember those who are there for us, when we where on our knees. It is a privilege to write for the magazine, as it like me is trying to make the world a better place, more equal and tolerant of each other.

So, with this 10,000 Couples will now publish a variety of my articles in it’s monthly mag, giving me a LGB (Liverpudian, Gay & Black) person, a voice in addition to its already diverse bunch of contributors – 10,000 Couples equals 20,000 ears!

It was also 10,000 Couples who featured Alex and I about our marriage in Canada last year – so my relationship with the magazine was probably cemented then, without me knowing it.

This has been a ‘View from the Bottom’, with me continually striving to make a difference, where I can!

Max x

You can visit 10,000 Couples at 10thousandcouples.com (United States)

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