You know you’re old when…

… you forget things!

In the early hours of today, I was tidying up the flat (I don’t know why at such a time) when I glanced at my birthday cards which are still up and noticed that I hadn’t received one from the mother-in-law.

I thought to myself, ‘it’s not like her to forget things’ and I’m sure she likes me? Hmmm… After a short while, it came to me… she did give me a card and present a few weeks ago, when she last visited Alex and I.

As I have no will power(!) and open all my gifts ‘early’, I hid the card and present from ‘myself’ and yes you’ve guessed it – I forgot where I put them (

Having looked around for a while, giddy as to what my surprise would be, I remembered where the hiding place was. They were waiting for me nicely wrapped above the fridge!

So, my lesson for today… don’t hide things from myself and if I have to (1) remember that I’ve hid the said item(s) and (2) remember where I’ve hid the said item(s), ha.

This has been a ‘life enriching’ experience.

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself! Max x

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