News… London Comedy Writers’ Festival is in Town!

This coming weekend 9th & 10th April, The London Comedy Writers’ Festival 2011 is in town at the London School of Film, Media & Performance, Regent’s College in Regent’s Park.

The two-day festival is being run by the same team that organised The London Screenwriters’ Festival at the end of last year – so, these boys and girls know what they’re doing!

If you’re in London this weekend, have some spare time and a sense of humour, then why not pop along? Oh yes, having an interest in comedy for TV, Film and/or Radio would be a bonus, however ‘no purchase is necessary!’. You can find out more about the festival at

The joke I’m taking to the festival (apart from myself) is…

Comedian One: Knock, knock!

Comedian Two: Who’s there?

Comedian One: Orange!

Comedian Two: Orange who?

Comedian One: Orange you glad, I didn’t say banana!

Taxi for one please… all the way!

Live Healthy, Laugh Often, Love Yourself! Max x

© 2011 Kevin Maxwell Film, Media & Performance – Published by My Mum