I’m disillusioned with British politics, and not the only one

Today Theresa May takes over the helm of what many are calling the Brexit sinking ship as UK Prime Minister, after being chosen by just 199 Tory MPs as their leader. Yesterday, Her Majesty’s Official Opposition failed in removing its own leader in a coup. And I’ve just learnt that there will now be a debate on the EU Referendum in the House of Commons, after it was stated there wouldn’t be one. The Mother of all Parliaments has become a laughing-stock, along with her wayward children. Just ask a European, or an American!

In my former job as a policeman, I was not allowed to take an active part in politics. This naturally curtailed my voice about the state of my country, because as police officers we’re meant to be impartial. Well, the appearance of it anyway. Since leaving the service I have, but with everything the way it is of late, I question why I even bother. I know, I’m not alone. Each day, I hear of voter disillusionment.

As a black gay Scouser people automatically assume I vote Labour, because it’s what I’m meant to do. Yet, I have Tory friends who tell me that it’s the Conservatives that are the best party for my needs. Some say its the ‘Liberal’ Democrats for me, and others that I’m definitely a Green man. Whatever party I support, and I’m a member of none, aren’t they all as bad as each other?

Last year I was up early to vote in the General Election, because I felt it was my civic duty to do so. Just this year I was out again voting for London’s Mayor, and I’d just recently done it for the EU Referendum. But I now can’t help feel that my time could have been better spent.

Since the General Election followed by a Coalition Government, we’ve had a Tory administration that has not been properly held to account. More so, because we have a Labour opposition that is intent on ripping itself apart than ensuring that the best interests of the British people are served by the UK Government. The London Mayoral election left a bad taste in my mouth with its racist rhetoric, so much so, that my vote for Mayor was a protest one. The first for me, but probably not the last.

Then there’s the fallout with Brexit, and this isn’t about me as a Remainer not getting my way. Britain made a choice to leave the EU, fine, but politician after politician who led the nation to believe it was a good thing to exit the European Union have now abandoned the cause – from Boris Johnson, to Michael Gove, to Nigel Farage. Even David Cameron has bailed and we now have a PM who the people didn’t have a say in, however good she may be at the job.

Brexit was meant to be about taking our country back, but to where, the Middle Ages?

British democracy is meant to be at its best, but we’re not. We even have the audacity to ridicule other ‘undemocratic’ nations around the world, some as banana republics. But for me, we need to get our own house in order before we start preaching to others. Are we really as Great as we think we are?

I now live in a divided country, with two quarters of it not in sync with the other two. One forth that will be torn apart even further with the creation of an Independent Scotland, as it’s going to happen. Whilst we have political parties in disarray, we also have a people scarred about their jobs and future. A very modern Britain, and we wonder why people are disillusioned.