Why do many black people hate the police?

Police Relations

I was in the supermarket earlier, when two police officers entered. I saw them clock eyes with a black guy and although they said nothing to him, I could see the hatred in his eyes towards them. So much so, that it made me uncomfortable. Which, led me to this blog.

Why is it that there is so much mistrust out there especially within the black community, towards the police? Is it simply down to injustices, over-policing or something deeper?

The black guy was no hoodie too, if you’re in to that stereotyping kind of thing.

What I do know as a black man myself and former cop, is that there is real tension which surely cannot be conducive to a progressive society.

We’re in 2015, and things don’t seem any better. I don’t mean all the political spin about race relations, but the day-to-day interaction between the police and people of colour.

What’s really changed, since the struggles of not so long ago? Just a thought.

Take care, Max.