Good Cop(s) ~v~ Bad Cop

Matt Davies Cartoon

I saw this image by the cartoonist Matt Davies earlier, and it really struck me as being poignant.

Having served as a police officer myself for some 11 years in Britain’s two biggest police forces, it is sad that the majority of good cops do not stand up to the bad cops which allows corruption and the likes to fester. That said though, even when individuals do speak out they are quickly silenced by the police leadership and ultimately punished. I guess why, no one wants to challenge the bad behaviour.

Without a doubt, the bad cop will always weigh-down the good cop(s).

I don’t for a second think the public-at-large believe all cops are bad, of course not. But, trust is being eroded at breakneck speed.

The real question is, why does the leadership sanction the reporter of wrongdoing which deters the good cops from coming forward? Therein, lies the real problem!

Take care, Max.