#FoxNewsFacts … NO truth needed!

Fox News Facts

After such a horrible week gone for the world with all that happened in Paris, I like many was hoping for some light relief. However, I didn’t expect this to come from that trusted news source Fox News.

Enter Stage RIGHT Steven Emerson, the so-called expert on terrorism.

On Fox News, Mr Emerson claimed that Birmingham – the UK’s second biggest city, is a Muslim-only place where non-Muslims do not go. The problem with this, well … it’s not the truth. Not. At. All.

Like many, I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon with the hashtag #foxnewsfacts

If I’m honest, I spent most of the night, well, all of it really, laughing. I’ve never been so impressed with man and womankind, after the sad events in France. Especially with, it being a new year and all that.

I tweeted many of my own Fox News evidence-based facts, like most of the British population it seems. You have to view the hashtag, to see the real sense of humour us Brits have.

Despite the esteemed Mr Emerson later retracting his comments, as basically being untrue, the fall out for him and Fox News continued. And I’m not one to gloat at someone’s humiliation, but he deserved it. He thought he was being smart, and karma bit him on the arse.

At the time of writing this, my last #foxnewsfacts tweet was either retweeted or favourited some 1200 times, which shows the power of social media in these modern times. It simply said …

A lesson for us all after @kevin_maxwell

Remember, stick to the facts or else!

Take care, Max x.