Live, Love & Laugh …

Live, Love & LaughLast week, the husband of my friend from my old neighbourhood in Liverpool died.

He and I weren’t many years apart.

I know no words can comfort my friend at this time, and all people can do is be there for her.

Once again though, I’ve been reminded that life is so precious and we need to cherish every moment.

In some ways, the good and bad. The latter are those that sometimes make us, who we are.

Many people are fighting battles others do not know about, but the important thing is to keep going.

Many people have the life they dreamed of, but the important thing is to appreciate it.

To my friend, I send all my love.

To everyone else, I urge you to live, love and laugh.

Taking my advice, is something I strive to do each day.


Take care, Max x