A disgrace – #FreeRayCole Morocco

Ray ColeI’ve just heard that Ray Cole has been arrested and detained in Morocco for being gay, and it reminded why I don’t visit countries like it and why other gay men shouldn’t. In many countries being gay is not a crime, but in so many it is – even, showing affection towards another of the same-sex in public.

Ray has been charged with “homosexual” acts, whilst on holiday in the North African country. And before you ask, did he respect their laws etc? I don’t really care.

They likes of Morocco which are tourist driven are quick enough to take the money off people like Ray and myself when visiting, but then when you make them uncomfortable through being yourself everything changes.

Ray Cole is 69-year-old retired magazine publisher from Kent, so what threat does he pose?

It’s one thing being approached by police officers at a bus stop in Marrakesh on “suspicion” of being homosexual, but another to then be imprisoned and your loved ones or your country’s authorities not informed for over a week whilst they have feared the worst.

Ray has been sentenced to four months in prison for being gay, with photographs on his phone apparently being used as ‘proof’ of his homosexuality. I kid you not.

PLEASE share and HELP #FreeRayCole Morocco

A NOTE to other gay travellers, thinking of visiting Morocco: homosexuality is a crime in the country with a maximum possible sentence of 3 years, so THINK and be careful before you travel.

Take care, Max.