Britain takes a Pounding …

PoundlandOn my recent visit back home Up North, I was genuinely surprised about how many “Pound” shops there was.

This isn’t just a Liverpool thing, but one which is replicated all-over this small island.

We’ve got everything from Poundstretcher to Poundland to Poundworld and even 1p off shops with the 99p Stores, at a time when the current British Coalition Government said things would get better – but, for who?

We’re four years on since their election, to power.

For those at the bottom of this so-called economic recovery money is tight (extremely), and I for one am not surprised many need to seek help at Food Banks – whilst, our elected politicians waste away money on expenses and the likes.

It’s hard to comprehend that the United Kingdom even with its loss of the British Empire today is the World’s Sixth ‘Richest’ Economy, and yet many of its people still go hungry.

Surely, this can’t be right.