JUNE 2014 ~ An Important Life Month

JuneJUNE 2014, will be one of the most important months in My Life.

Tomorrow, I begin my third employment trial against the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis fighting for my rights against race, sexual orientation and disability discrimination. Five years to the month (29 June 2009), I became seriously unwell with reactive depression because of my treatment as a gay and black man.

It concludes, Friday 13th.

The 11th June will be exactly ten years to the day my siblings and I lost our dear mother, to ovarian cancer.

There is not a ‘single’ day I do not think about this Lady in every sense of the word, who was My Mummy.

I know my brothers and sisters remember her too in their own personal way and the individual relationships they had with our rock, as well as collectively as her eleven children.

My Mum was buried on the 17th June after a Catholic Mass, seven days before her 68th birthday on 24th June. She had wanted to make it to her birthday, but sadly life had other plans for her and she only made it to 67.

On 25th June, I go back to my High School to give the Record of Achievement Speech to those high-schoolers leaving to go off into the big world. It’ll be 20 years to the month, I sat in the same place as them.

This time, I’ll be the one doing the talking.

So, June in the year 2014 is one not only were I remember the life of my dear mother Annie on the tenth anniversary of her death – it is also one were I will put the horrendous five years I have fought the Metropolitan Police Service to do with racism, homophobia and disability discrimination behind me, as well as going back to my roots at my old school where my journey in life began back in Liverpool.

As a lit a candle today in St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Soho (London) for My Mum, I thought that if Scotland Yard had spent the last half of decade fighting the racists and homophobes and those who are corrupt within its ranks and not me – then, the Force would be a better one today.

I too cannot get back the last five years of my life, although “I’ve come to far, to give up who I am”.

So on this my 10,000th Tweet on Twitter, see you on the other side.

Take care, Max.