Happy 4th Birthday “Max News”

Max NewsExactly four years ago today, I wrote my first blog post. It was about Islington Council and Parking Attendants, riveting I know. 674 posts later (675 now) and an audience of 82,000, it’s still going.

I’ve noticed that many blogs out there come and go and I guess what makes mine different anyway, is that you have to keep up the momentum of your writing if you want to have an impact.

Max News features published articles that have appeared in newspapers and magazines, my take on life and my battle with depression and Fight for Justice against the Police – so, pretty heavy and thought-provoking stuff.

Equally though, I haven’t got a Rod up my arse and like to have a laugh too!

I don’t regret anything I have ever written, and haven’t deleted or taken down any of the posts I’ve published.

My View from the Bottom has been my VOICE in the 21st Century not only as a gay and black man who has battled mental health, but primarily as a human being.

Let’s see if it’s still around in another four years, and if so what I’ll be writing about them?

Take care and thanks for reading, even if you’re a frenemy 😮

Max x